Dealing With Back Pain

Back pain is the most commonly cited disability in the world and it is also the leading reason why pe493x335_low_back_pain_overview_slideshowople take sick leave from work.

There are many different types of pain relief drugs on the market, but there are various things you can do to soothe the pain prior to resorting to them. The first thing to do is stop slouching. Bad posture can be a cause or a symptom of back pain, however, the best thing to do is sit and stand properly. When using a computer, especially, do not slump forward. Sit up straight and let the chair support your lower back. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

Therapy and Exercise

See a physiotherapist. While helping deal with the issue at hand, your therapist will give you long-term exercises which aim at helping to strengthen your core. This will help your posture and will also help you hold yourself better.

Exercise goes hand in hand with well being. Pick a form of exercise that is adequate for the state of your back. Swimming, for example, is a very gentle activity which gives great returns on fitness as well as developing strength. Always keep in mind that lying still is one of the worst things that you can do. If you do need to rest, try not to stay in bed for more than a day. You can also use heat packs and ice packs to help with any pain. Regular back massages also help. Experts have found that massages have an immediate effect and that the benefits increase with frequency of treatment. A chiropractic could also be of great help.

Avoiding Injuries

Always lift with your leg muscles and engage your core. Do not bend over and try to lift objects. This is one of the most surefire ways to injure your back. Maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Excess weight puts pressure on the spine and this can in turn lead to long-term injury. Smoking also impairs oxygen flow and can lead to back pain. Wear low heeled and comfortable shoes.