Common Back Ailments

It is not uncommon for many individuals to suffer with some type of back pain. This often can happen throughout their life. This pain can be categorised as eigetty_rf_photo_of_man_holding_lower_backther chronic or acute, and there can be many different causes for it. It is highly important that any pain that originates in the back be properly diagnosed so that individuals suffering with it can get some relief and prevent any potential further damage.

There can be common causes of back pain and also a selection of more rare conditions. Some of the common types of back pain are:

  • Injuries that Create Sprains and Strains

It’s not unusual for individuals that are involved in sports or do different types of heavy lifting to end up with a temporary back ailment which can be a sprain. This is a when the ligaments in the back have been affected and they can be pulled or become inflamed. It isn’t always sports or lifting that can cause this type of ailment, as it can originate from a fall or even being in a car crash. This ailment can range in a pain level from slight to severe and it can make it difficult for the individual to move around.

  • Compression of the Spine

Spinal nerve compression occurs when the nerves in the back end up becoming pinched or inflamed and once this happens it is quite painful. There can be many different causes for this type of nerve problem as it can originate from a disk that has herniated, or the ligaments in the area are becoming thick and affecting the nerves. Even bone spurs in the spine could be the culprit!

  • Herniated Discs

This is where one or more discs in the back has become compromised and the contents are now seeping out through the layer that would normally protect the disc. Sometimes the problem doesn’t reached this stage and is not quite a hernia yet – a “bulging disc” is what this is called. The condition can be solved through surgery, physiotherapy or specific exercise.