Time and age catch up with everyone at some point in life. But it is important for people to try and stay healthy and strong, and not allow pain limit their activities. This is the reason why Harley street specialists have designed the backrack. They are among the world’s best spinal specialists and have incorporated worldwide patented technology in the production of backrack. It is a safe and positive solution for back pain, aging spine, leg pain, stenosis and other related pains with no side effects.

Back pain may refer to cervical, thoracic or lumbar back pains and may be common in older people, but that does not mean that younger people can not suffer back pain since it is caused by compression of the spine. Accidents, injury, genetic obesity, and posture are some of the possible causes of compression of the spine.

Before now, solutions like surgery were used for the treatment of back pain. However, using backrack to treat back pain is different from the expensive surgeries which does not offer a permanent solution. Backrack does not mask the symptoms but deals with cause of the back pain at the root level just for a onetime investment, click here, and expect to experience;

  • Less pain
  • Easy flexibility
  • No more stiffness

Back rack products

  • Backrack car seat support – it can be used for traveling both on plane and trains. Just place it on the seat for easy support and stability of the back.
  • Back rack lumber belt – it supports the lower back and lumbar region, can help treat back pain, and increase mobility while on the move. It decompresses the small stabilising joints between and behind the vertebrae.
  • Back rack chair support – sitting at home or in the office for a long period of time can result in slipped disc or a bulging disc caused by pain on the lower, upper, and mid-back, and the neck. Backrack can help treat back pain while working.

To banish back pain, just follow the specially designed program of exercises. Backrack was designed for maximum benefit rather than for comfort.