BackRack: Caring About Back Health

BackRack is “all about keeping your back healthy.” Here, you will find informative blog posts relating to wellness, pain remedies, injury and ailment care and more. Some of the latest articles, starting with the most recent ones, include:

  • Back Pain: Getting Rid of it With Specific Equipment. This is an article on non-medical treatments for physician-diagnosed back pains. The treatment suggestions include inversion tables, back braces, exercise equipment and orthotic shoes.
  • Back Injuries and Ailments. This article discusses how different careers and lifestyles can affect the health of your back. The main point is that living a sedentary life and/or sitting for too long and doing little exercise are linked to skeletal problems and the accompanying conditions associated with these bad habits.
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  • Natural Approaches to Chronic Back Pain. This article lists several suggestions for natural, non-medical relief for back pains. The suggestions include chiropractics, exercise and strength training.
  • Daily Habits for Preventing Back Pain. How to take steps every day in preventing back pains. The suggestions include core training, monitoring food intake, types of footwear and good posture.
  • Understanding Back Pain Symptoms. This article discusses various types pain, such as chronic or acute, sharp or dull ache, and where back pain is usually located. Back injuries can happen with improper lifting techniques, and unchecked aches can progress into chronic back pain which can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. Furthermore, the article warns that experiencing pain located in the upper back, could be the symptom of a more serious, life threatening condition and should be treated by a doctor immediately.
  • Dealing with Back Pain. Therapy, exercise and prevention are at the core of any type of treatment relating to your back. It’s advisable to seek advice from a physiotherapist and do gentle activities such as swimming, in order to promote back health.

Beyond this list of blog posts, there are links to more resources about back health and well-being.