Back Injuries and Ailments

Back problems have for centuries affected all kinds of people, regardless of their gender, age or ethnicity. However, there are many sources that say that back injuries and complications have increased in recent years, especially since the Industrial Revolution, given that sedentarism is now a common way of life for many global citizens around the world. Since then, many jobs have been affected, eradicated or even transformed. Although it may sound like a cliché, it is true that many jobs that required physical activity or human hands 06153054707e26658478a31da0b0175ahave been completely taken over by machines and this trend is on the rise and will continue to be so as time goes by.

This month, for example, in California people have witnessed the first taxi cabs that are completely navigated by machines, without the need for human intervention. Also, another trend on the rise is deliveries being carried out by drones. One can these days order something on Amazon or on eBay and have it delivered to one’s doorstep within a matter of hours by a drone.

Sedentary people are usually defined as those who spend less than 10% of their daily energy on performing moderate to high intensity activities. Currently, the rates of sedentarism in countries like Germany or Denmark are an astounding 79% in men and 87% in women. Activities that can be considered as moderate to high intensity activities are certain sports (tennis, skiing, gymnastics) or walking, cycling, climbing stairs, jogging, gardening, and certain occupational activities that involve moving and using one’s body.

In any case, it has been proven that leading a sedentary life and sitting in front of a computer or TV for too long and doing little exercise or not engaging in physical activities are all linked to skeletal problems, especially in the spine (back), not to mention heart problems among many more health risks.